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Bull Bear Signals market scan is designed to filter out thousands of companies and identify the strongest stocks and ETFs with the biggest upside potential. Our final selection is a result of strict fundamental and technical criteria.

Our approach is to identify and select individual companies poised for growth within favorable sectors and industries. These rules allow us to find strong candidates that might offer better profit potential and also perform well in adverse market conditions. We focus on leading stocks with the objective of consistently outperforming the market index.

Good companies can become poor stock holdings if they no longer match the objective of your investment approach. In this case, capital should be re allocated to more suitable stocks that meet individual financial goals.

Our selection process focuses on stocks and ETFs that attract institutional accumulation and therefore have good liquidity and upside potential. This also means they are easier to buy and sell when needed and have a lower risk of slippage. Price, volume and volatility dynamics also play a very important role in our selection criteria.

Our overall objective is to find the best trading opportunities to maximize returns in the shortest timeframe possible and maintaining a good risk reward ratio.  

Applying trading rules will help you keep your emotions out of the decision making process and removes the guesswork when buying and selling a stock.

Please find below some general but important rules that should be applied in your trading plan:

  • Always trade with the prevailing trend.
  • Adhere to strict risk management guidelines to manage any downside risk (e.g. stop loss order).
  • Don’t buy stocks because they look cheap or seem “good value”.
  • Avoid stocks that have been running up in price too quickly as the likelihood of a price pullback is higher. 

Please subscribe to our monthly selection of high probability, high reward trades. This list will include stocks and ETFs for the markets listed below with a main focus in the US exchanges:

  • US Stocks (NYSE, Nasdaq)
  • UK Stocks (LSE)
  • German Stocks (FWB)
  • Australian Stocks (ASX)

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Disclaimer: Please note Bull Bear Signals do not provide advice or make recommendations to buy or sell any particular stocks or other trading instrument and take no responsibility for any financial losses incurred.