Bull Bear Profitable Trading Indicators

Trading can be extremely profitable when you are able to find reliable trading signals and when those signals are executed within a robust trading plan.

The advantage of using a stock trading system indicator is to help you make a more informed and high probability trade selection. Most traders get stuck or overwhelmed with analysis paralysis.

In trading, a wrong entry or not knowing when to exit a position at the right time can make the difference between making a loss or taking a profit.

Our trading Indicators help remove the emotion and indecision in trading. It offers guidance and confidence to support our trade decisions.

Bull Bear Signals Indicators generates clear, high probability and easy to follow buy and sell trading signals. These can be applied to any Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Forex Pairs, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

Best results are achieved trading stocks, ETFs and indices in trending conditions because of the unlimited upside potential that these markets offer and the signals are often the most accurate. The signals will also help you maximize profits and new opportunities reallocating capital from laggard or slow moving stocks to high potential candidates.

Over the years, our trading and technical team have tested, adjusted and developed two main buy and sell indicators that work in both short term and long term trades. These signals also allow you to take long or short positions in any trading instrument.

In bear or volatile markets we achieve better trading results using our volatility buy sell short term indicator.

The ideal trading timeframes are based on the daily and 4 hour charts. It can also be used on shorter timeframes although the consistency of results for most systems decreases with smaller trading periods. This indicator has been developed for short term traders and investors (e.g. positions lasting several days).

In bull or trending markets we prefer to use our long term buy sell indicator.

This allows us to capture a bigger part of a trend and achieve much larger profits.

The ideal trading timeframes for this indicator are the weekly (preferably) and daily charts. This strategy is better suited for long term investors.

Risk management is the main focus for both our Bull Bear trading systems

The holy grail for traders is to successfully manage the risk reward ratio and expectancy on each trade. Effective risk management is the key factor to survive and consistently profit long term in the market. We provide trade risk management and trade record files with our systems.

Unlike most indicators, signals provided by our systems are based on the most important factors: price action and volatility.

Price action and market volatility have a direct effect on the number of signals generated.

It is always safer to be in cash waiting for quality opportunities than trading frequently and participating in choppy conditions that will increase risk and therefore decreasing our risk reward ratio and overall capital. There is a strong negative correlation between a high number of trades and profit.

The quality signals generated by Bull Bear Signals system help to validate your analysis on a specific entry point. As the trade develops, it will also provide exit signals to maximize profits and most importantly, protect your capital. The buy and sell signals should not be taken as a standalone approach but should be included as part of a sound trading plan.

Signals are generated when high probability conditions are identified. Once all the criteria necessary for a new buy signal are met, a new buy/sell order can be placed with your preferred broker.

Our trading systems also come with the following key trading files:

  • Trade risk management spreadsheet
  • Trade record spreadsheet
  • Buy and Sell trading rules

To successfully profit in the market there are 3 key decisions we need to make:

What to buy, when to buy and when to sell. Our trading system helps you identify the best entry and exit points.


    Important: The Bull Bear buy and sell indicators are coded to only work with the very popular tradingview.com charting website and app. TradingView can be used on any mobile device and desktop computers. Trades can then be executed in any trading platform or preferred broker like Ameritrade, IG Markets, CMC Markets, Charles Schwad, Robinhood, etc.

    Please check our trade examples tab to see the potential returns that both systems can generate when trading rules are followed and executed on time.

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